MongoDBCollection Operation Configuration

The MongoDBCollection implementation overrides Collection’s configuration class members with the following classes:

Note, these configuration classes are resolved via the appropriate class member (e.g., InsertConfigClass resolves to MongoDBInsertConfig).

All additions to and/or restrictions placed on individual operation configurations will be documented in the following sections. Config classes that do not add or remove functionality will be omitted.


MongoDBFindConfig makes a few additions to the base configuration class. It adds three parameters, sort, project, and query. sort and project allow you to specify a sort order for the result set (see: MongoDB sort) and a subset of fields to return for each object (see: MongoDB projection) respectively. Query support is configurable via the supportsQuery property. If support is enabled, the query parameter will be added to the list of parameters for that query (see: MongoDB query).


MongoDBUpdateConfig removes support for returnsUpsertedObjects. Additionally, it adds query support via the query parameter.


Similar to MongoDBFindConfig and MongoDBUpdateConfig, MongoDBRemoveConfig adds support for queries via the query parameter. This support is enabled by default, but can be configured via the MongoDBRemoveConfig.


MongoDBUpdateObjectConfig removes support for returnsUpsertedObject.


MongoDBRemoveObjectConfig removes support for returnsRemovedObject.

Access Control

In addition to enabling / disabling operations, you may also gate operations via access control policies (see: access control).